ISBN numbers and Beta Readers

Posted: October 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

No. This blog won’t have anything to do with the title. What gave you such a crazy idea?

On second thought, I’ve decided to make this blog about the title. Yes, I have succumbed to peer pressure. I am a sellout. Back to the blogging thing…

I wanted to know how people received the characters of my book, the magic system, as well as the world building, etc. and all that other stuff that are so important to make a book successful. The only way I could do that, however, is if someone else other than my immediate family reads it. But, I can’t risk someone stealing my ideas. (I am that paranoid, yes.)

So, I hatched a plan, y’see. ‘Tis a clever plan. And if you’re imagining me saying all of this in the voice of a leprechaun, cease doing so now. Months prior, I found out a way to self-publish your book directly unto amazon and supplies you an ISBN. For free, I might add. In case you did not know, an ISBN number protects your book’s intellectual property, thus smashing anyone’s hopes of stealing anything from my book. And lo and behold, I am magnificent. Of course, my book is as of yet unfinished, but you don’t necessarily need to have it finished in order for you to publish it on Amazon. One of the things I so love about CreateSpace, actually. 

Fortunately, I’ve already three beta readers lined up, and in turn, I read their own works and give them critique. One such fellow is Spanish, and has already written and finished a book (In Spanish, imagine that!) and is now in the process of translating it to the English language. He’s quite a good writer. At least, in English. Not so sure how he is in Spanish, but I don’t think prose changes that drastically.

The other two are co-writers, a couple at that, and are currently writing this cool sci-fi rangers book. They’re actually pretty polite and know a lot about self defense, torture, horse riding, etc. and provide valuable and near indispensable advice for me. 

So, this day has been eventful and incredibly successful. 

Oh, prior to this, I read this wonderful excerpt from a book. It was gripping and quite honestly tense. Kept me on my toes. You can read it by clicking on the little link below:

  1. Katri says:

    Hey, noticed only now you got a website/blog too, neat! 🙂 Toni & I will have to keep an eye on this too 🙂 thanks for the self-publishing tips and so for thinking we’re cool (yes, we know of torture. Haha)

    • J.A. Romano says:

      Most of what I know about torture hails from Glokta. ;D

      Gonna post a new blog every day concerning my writing activities, so you may want to un-follow or else you shall be bombarded with new notices. xD

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