Oh ho ho ho!

Nah, I’m not Kriss Kringle. Unfortunately. Can you imagine? All those cookies just by working hard ONE night a year. What a lucky bastard. Oh, back to the topic. Guess who wrote another 600 words yesterday after my post, ‘TIS ALIVE. Yup, that’s right. Brandon Sanderson.

Oh, wait, I mean me. Yeah, I wrote another 600 words last night. And guess who just wrote 1,300 words literally minutes ago…

Robin Hobb.

And me.

As the title above, “Avast ye writing!” I said to myself. I deserved a break, you see. And what did I do with that break? I started writing sentences improperly with the word, “And,” and I came here to brag about it to all you lilly livered… Uh, yeah, not many read this blog, so I don’t have many to brag to… So, I came here to post a new blog about my writing progress, and I’m making ASTOUNDING progress toward my goal of finishing my book by the end of the week.

Off I go!

Not to write, of course. I did just say that I was taking a break, didn’t I? Come on. I’m not a machine! I’m gonna watch television now, and you can throw all the chairs you want, I won’t go back to writing for another hour!

The insipid blogger J.A. Romano has been hospitalized, and authorities are looking into the perpetrators of this assault. 


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