No rest for the wicked, and even less for the writer.

Posted: October 25, 2012 in Uncategorized
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To write or not to write – that is the…


What? Did I just butcher a famous Shakespearian quote simply for the purpose of my selfishness? Yes, I did. But, it does serve a purpose other than that. Well, kind of. You see, I discovered recently that you should always write. Why? Because it’ll be harder to start again. There will always be “tomorrow” as they say. Or there will always be another “excuse”, as I say. I mean, you cannot tell me you have not procrastinated once or twice, you imaginary readers that also write.

The longer you put off writing, the chances of your prose becoming less fluid after starting increase. Not to mention you’ll write a considerably low amount in comparison to your “golden” days. In the last week, I’ve written over eight thousand words, and I just spent fifteen minutes writing 1,459 words in a short story.

No rest for the wicked, and even less rest for the writer, as the title thingy says.

The point is this; write. When you don’t feel like it, write. When you do feel like it, write. You should always put time aside in your day to write, otherwise it’ll be harder the next day to “find” the time. Yes, we’re all busy, but if the workload is imaginary or you’re exaggerating your, let’s say, homework just to put off writing since it’s soooo hard; don’t. Write.

And remember!

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