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Posted: December 13, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Well, I’m re-reading the first five pages of my book over and over again. Why? I’m really just that narcissistic.


Nah, kidding. I hate reading my own work. Since I hate looking at my mistakes. Anyways, I will be sending of the first five pages (plus synopsis) of my book, the Line of Corruption, to a literary agency. That’s right. Yours truly will be taking a leap of faith and will be attempting to get an agent so that he can get a book deal.

There is the logical side of me that considers all the possibilities of failure, but being logical and reasonable doesn’t mean you have to be gloomy about it. I think I have a fair shot, but having a fair chance of “winning” a race doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll win. It just means I won’t be crying in the corner when they don’t reply by tomorrow… Maybe two weeks from now… Or just a week..

Now, if I get rejected… Well, then the crying in the corner thing is probably guaranteed. But, the doors that will be opened if I do get accepted! Man, I am looking forward to this. My book isn’t the prettiest gem in the mine, nor the sharpest tool in the shed, nor the smartest nerd in the class. 

Yet, I am optimistic about results. Once I send off my synopsis and first five pages, it can take a week to a month. So, I’m definitely in for the long run. Then, if they like the first five pages, they’ll ask for a few sample chapters. If they like those, they’ll ask for the entire book.

If they like the entire book, then they’ll sign me up. Very simple, but it’ll play Hell on my nerves. I just really hope they don’t ask for my entire manuscript, and then reject me. Multiply the crying in the corner by five, if so.

Been awhile since I posted, by the way, but for good reason! I’ve been concentrating on writing. What’s your excuse? Oh… This isn’t your blog… But yeah, been working on writing and studying. In a month and a half, I have written 40,764 words. Booyah. That is a lot. For me. 

And it is probably a lot for normal people, unless you’re one of those geniuses that writes 10k a day… In which case, why are you here? Huh? There are blogs for your kind of people! -kicks out-

Now that the lame geniuses and talented people are out of the way, I can continue talking to all… Huh, only one left… Says a lot about you guys, doesn’t it?


Just kidding. Please don’t send any hate mail. Finally, I hope you all wish me luck. It would be great if you guys and gals did, and it’d be pretty cool, at that. No worries, I’ll keep you informed. And no, I will not post a video of me crying after I get rejected. Shame on you! To think you would ask me to do that for free!

The audacity…


Adios, people. And that is the only word I know in Spanish. I’ll round that up and consider myself multilingual, ey?



  1. Texan_Chill says:

    Hope all goes well. And am I the only genius/talented person left in the class? Still, good luck mate.

    • J.A. Romano says:

      Thanks. I enjoyed your post about Storm Front. How melancholy can a first chapter get? xD

      But I’m looking forward to more excerpts from your story. Seems really interesting. And Dresden doesn’t really mope around ’till the second book, but it’s not a book-breaker.

  2. A.T. Parkinson says:

    Wishing you luck, Pal! It’s great to see somebody with a finished manuscript. Others, like one’s self, still have a long way to go.

    • J.A. Romano says:

      Thanks. I wish you luck on your book, as well. Although, I’m starting to think the editing process will take as long, if not longer, than the entire time I spent writing the book. xD

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