Ha. I’m only messing with you. This is not an ancient movie at all. Why? Because it’s timeless. For me, it’s absolutely amazing. There are few movies that hail from the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, or 60’s, or even the 70’s that I can say that for. This is one of those movies. Dr. Strangelove or How I Stopped Worrying and Love the Bomb is my favorite comedy film.

I watched this yesterday, with three other movies. One of the three other movies was Dredd. I’ll write a review on the two others. Considering the strange timing of my reviews, I’m going to compare the two movies. How, you may ask? By comparing the stuff I’ve heard about each of them. Dredd, I’d heard, had riveting action, a great plot, and a fantastic and awesome main character. The riveting action was certainly true, but the plot was average, and the main character was average. It did not live up to the expectations, but I hope it does well at the Box Office. I really do.

Maybe its payout will improve in Home Media.

I heard Dr. Strangelove was the 24th Greatest Comedy Film ever. Do you know how much of a buildup that is? This may come off as a surprise to you, but I love comedy films. I love them whether they’re like Grown Ups, which features some outrageous happenings, or like Death At a Funeral which can be construed as having too much slapstick (but still funny) or like Johnny English which is like… Well, it’s amazing. I can’t explain it any more than that.

So how does Dr. Strangelove measure up to that? It is in my Top 10 Favorites. I added two points to it after the first thirty minutes for the fact that I didn’t care about the black and white, or the fact that it was from 1964. When that happens, it is something to be proud of. Kubrick made a masterpiece with this. Let me tell you a little about it. 


Dr. Strangelove is a satire making fun of the nuclear scare. In this, the U.S. has their Air Force fighters circling Russia, waiting for the Go code to start bombing their primary and secondary targets. There are about 30-40 ships armed with nuclear/hydrogen bombs weighed at 40 Megatons or so. In the words of the movie, each one is stronger than every single bomb (combined) used during WWII. I laughed at that, by the way.

A Colonel tells his Executive Officer, Group Captain Lionel Mandrake (played by the talented Peter Sellers), who is a Brit from the Officer Exchange Program to initiate Wing Attack Plan R as in Robert. 

Mandrake is also told to confiscate every radio in case a Commie rat may be receiving messages. So, like a good soldier/captain, he sends the necessary three digit number and letters to tell the planes to initiate it. The pilots are naturally skeptical, and seek confirmation. It is soon confirmed. 

The Colonel or Brigadier General is also in charge of the base and tells all of his main to put it under lockdown. “Shoot and then ask questions.”

The Joint Chiefs of Staff are woken and brought into the War Room. President Merkin Muffley tells a General’s men to besiege the command base to get the Colonel on the phone after they find out about his ploy. 

I know. This doesn’t sound like a comedy so far. Merkin Muffley is a balding good man, but he is concerned about his image. General Turgidson disagrees and suggests they put the full force of their military into the attack. Merkin Muffley is also played by Peter Sellers. That’s right. He’s playing TWO characters so far. A great actor, I have to say. If I hadn’t seen and confirmed it several times through Wikipedia, Youtube, and IMDB, I wouldn’t have believed it. 

Arguments soon break out. They bring in the right hand man of the Ambassador of Russia (who is drunk) into the War Room. He tells them of the Doomsday Device which utilizes radiation that could last for 92 years. If Russia is attacked, he says, it will trigger. And it cannot be un-triggered. The President confirms this with Dr. Strangelove, a German scientist who has Nazi sympathies, who is also played by Peter Sellers. The man is like Alex Mercer in Prototype. He can transform into anyone. What I like most about the movie is I can tell you the plot, and it comes off as both very serious in tone, and then very ridiculous after you hear about the Doomsday device.

It’s the dialogue that puts this story at the top. It’s rich, natural, and hilarious. This movie can be serious, and it can be hilarious. Rest assured, though, that everything said most likely has a deeper meaning. If you’re familiar with the politics during those times, you’d probably be laughing the entire movie.

But I’m not familiar with the politics, yet I found myself laughing throughout the movie. That’s amazing. Timeless. The ability of a movie that is over 40 years old to make someone of my age laugh… Is just amazing. I give this movie a 9.9/10. 

Why not 10/10. I’m still in post-Strangelove state, so I may not be in my right mind. I’m going to re-watch this, and then either change the rating to 10/10 or knock it down just one peg. But, it is still a great movie.

The movie is in black and white, I think I’ve said, and it may be timeless for me, but some of you people may find this disturbing. A black and white movie can be alien after watching a CGI heavy movie like… The Avengers, Captain America, or even Dredd.

So, do not go in expecting some groundbreaking graphics. Go in expecting funny dialogue, rich characters, and Peter Sellers playing a Brit, an American, and a German. That, in itself, is funny. 

  1. tktrian says:

    Ha, we have this on our to be watched list! Got to check it out 8)

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