This won’t be a long review about its Midseason Premiere. This is just going to be a short post, telling the tale of how I came to watch the Walking Dead… Yeah. I’d leave now, too.

I started watching the Walking Dead when I had nothing else to watch. Yes, Breaking Bad, Person of Interest, Big Bang Theory, 30 Rock, How I Met Your Mother, Nikita, Bones, and Castle had no new episodes to offer me. I was rather hesitant, to be honest. I don’t watch horror movies. I get scared very easily. I do read horror, though, since it’s quite comforting. Everything happening to you seems like rainbows and flowers in comparison to killer clowns and zombie apocalypses.

Anyways. I watched it, and it was… good. It would suffice. I had to skip a few scary bits. Yeah. I’m a coward. Sue me. I really liked the character of Glenn and Rick. Disliked Carl, Andrea, and Lori. But Glenn and Rick made it worth it.

As you know I’m Asian, and there aren’t a lot of shows with Asian characters. I don’t think networks are racist – it’s just that the writers didn’t really have that in mind. No biggie. And no, Indians do not count. They’re technically Asians, but they practically have their own continent, they outnumber most of the other Asian countries, and… Well, we look nothing alike. I just want a few Asians that look like me.

But yeah. Glenn’s one of those few Asians. He’s pretty damn awesome, too. I mean, come on. Have you- Hold on. So. Season 1 was pretty good. Season 2 made me skip half of the episodes and beg for some interesting parts.

I’m not saying there should be zombie killing action per episode, but really… It’s basically just one whole, “Shane might be the Father. Rick actually knows. Carl’s annoying.”

Yeah. Not my type. But season 3… Now it’s getting somewhere. This is now one of the best dramas around. Honestly, the midseason premiere was epic.

Norman Reedus’ character is also one of the reasons I’m still watching the show. I like the tormented characters of Rick and Glenn. It appears Glenn’s maturing, and Rick’s having a bit of a breakdown. Always great to watch.

I want Andrea and Carl to die, though. And considering the very nature of the show, that may just be possible. Let’s hope, huh?

Anyways. I just want to say that you should watch the midseason premiere. You probably are, but I’m still telling you to do it. If you haven’t watched Walking Dead, give it a shot. Won’t hurt. Unless you get a seizure from watching it. In which case…

But yeah. Season 1 was pretty good, season 2 was meh, and now season 3 is great. I’m trying to find another show to watch during the wait, however… Any suggestions?

  1. tktrian says:

    We too are fans, well, of the 1st season. Glad to hear the 3rd works cos the 2nd was just… “someone kill Lori, please!!! And don’t search Carl, let him stay lost, kay??!” Glenn is funny, yeah, like one of those you don’t want to die, as is Daryl. Not sure why they made the females and kids so annoying, though. You like Supernatural? Yeah, it can get sorta kinda creepy visually every now and then, but there’s like… 8 or 9 seasons and it’s pretty funny πŸ˜€

    • J.A. Romano says:

      Yup. I love Supernatural. I was kind of irked by the first three episodes, but it worked out from them. I’m actually going to write a post soon about Fringe and Supernatural being both the Spiritual and Technical Successors of the X-Files.

      (Which is basically, besides Rod Sterling’s Twilight Zone, the first of the creepy shows. : ) )

      I really don’t understand, to be honest. I’m okay with Carol, but Lori and Andrea… I won’t spoil anything for you guys on Season 3. There will be a new character who’s awesome, (AND FEMALE). So, hopefully, that’ll stop the pattern and they’ll start having cool women. xD

      • tktrian says:

        Yeah, in fact Supernatural has one episode that pays homage to X-Files with the opening sequence and all (“The truth is in there” instead of “out there” and everything). We love X-Files. Tried Fringe, but had trouble connecting with the characters :/ btw, when you have time, would you be interested feedbacking a revised adventure of Lise and Co. in the guts of the Black Sea (the ghost ship)? We’ve been revising the action bits quite a lot so it’d be nice to know how they work out.

  2. J.A. Romano says:

    I love the Black Sea bit. So, yes. I would be happy, too. Send me an email, and I’ll get you feedback as soon as possible.

  3. baneofkings says:

    I have a few suggestions that you may be interested in if you haven’t come across them already: Firefly, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Game of Thrones. Those four shows are awesome and cover a variety of genres (Firefly – Science Fiction /Western) (Sherlock – Crime) (Game of Thrones – Gritty Fantasy) (Doctor Who – Time Travel SF). If you’re looking into Doctor Who then I suggest you watch this trailer here, as even though it’s fanmade, it’s quite awesome:

    • J.A. Romano says:

      I’m a big fan of all of those shows – except for Doctor Who. I watched the first episode of the first season years ago, and I haven’t given it a proper shot since then. I may have to check it out since everyone and their mothers have been recommending it to me. xD

      Thanks for commenting.

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