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Posted: March 4, 2013 in Details about my books
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I’m considering submitting my book to this online magazine, Jukepop Serials. It pays you about two cents per word, and you’re allowed to submit a chapter consisting of five thousand words. So, if I submit a chapter with five thousand words each in them, I’ll get roughly a hundred dollars per month up until my book is done.

Which would amount to 2,300 dollars, considering how many words my book has. (Do the math. Yes, I know. I’m evil like that.)

The question is: Should I submit it? I mean. Considering my age, a hundred bucks a month is huge. It’s like if a paper boy, instead of going on his paper route, goes to the Headquarters and writes a five thousand word essay that gets on the first page of the News. That’s pretty great, I have to say.

However, one has to remember that this works by votes, right? I’m confident in the people that I know that they’ll vote for me. (It’s not a request… Just kidding… Yes…)

Still, there’s no rule about not being allowed to submit your book to an agency even after it completes its stint on a magazine. (I make it sound like a prison, don’t I?)

But, everyone would literally be able to read my book. For free. Without even the decency of doing it illegally and risking a fine or the confiscation of their computer. It’s weird how I consider it much more decent for them to go against the law than them reading it legally, isn’t it?

I mean. What if… let’s say five people buy my book and read it and love it. They tell their tech savvy friends about it, and five of their friends look it up online. What? It can be read for free? Oooh, this author is either really cool or didn’t think this through.

I hope they’ll all think I’m pretty cool, though. You have to agree that that presents a bit of a problem, right? Now, I could either submit my book to this magazine, or submit one of my other stories… OR, I don’t submit anything at all to this magazine, and simply submit my book to an agent. I can leave it to the people to decide (the magazine relies on voting) or I could leave it to one person to decide.

Comment if you’ve any thoughts. That’d be pretty great. And… Yeah. My posts have been really short lately, haven’t they? That’s because I spent about fifty minutes yesterday writing something that will surprise all of you when it comes out. I won’t spoil anything, though. It’s a complete surprise. Just look out for a post from me.

Talk to you later, folks.


Doh! Can’t believe I screwed up the line!

~J.A. Romano

  1. Almighty Zael says:

    It’s important for authors to get their work out there. So, even if you weren’t being paid, seems to me like it would be a hell of an advantage to have on your query letter when you DO decide to find a publisher.

    • J.A. Romano says:

      Good point. : ) Thanks for commenting. I’ve actually decided to submit one of my other works. Like you said, it’s quite important to get some of my works out there, and it definitely won’t hurt my chances.

      • Almighty Zael says:

        You can only be rejected.
        Sounds cynical, but when you think about it, that’s just a part of writing 🙂

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