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So… I wrote two posts yesterday. I know. I’m that good. Just kidding. To be honest, I felt like writing something. Something that didn’t have to have a proper narrative… Something that didn’t have to stay true to the plot. So, I ended up writing one review and one rambling post.

I woke up this morning with birds tweeting outside the window, with a bright ray of sunshine piercing through the curtains… and snot flowing freely from my nostrils. Are you disgusted yet? You should be. I feel horrible right now. It is bad enough that I got sick on NEW YEARS. Yeah. Everyone went to the terrace to see the fireworks, while I sat on the bed, blowing my red nose. Santa mistook me for Rudolph and tried to put me in front of the sleigh.

So, I really hate being sick, in case you haven’t noticed from my rather angry tone. It’s annoying. You use up a whole lot of tissues, you end up crying a few times (don’t mention it), and once you’re done being sick, the taste of medicine is so thick on your tongue that it’s not even funny.

My head is fuzzy, and I’m really, REALLY caught up in my own problems. A building could explode across the street, and I would not care. Because I am sick.

And being sick brings out the worst in people. The common cold was designed to make you into a sniveling, complaining mess once or twice a year. The only problem is – if you’re already a person that complains a lot before that. My family is suffering with me, because I am horrible when I am sick.

I don’t really order ’em around or anything, but my sneezes… So loud. Anyways, I wrote this post because I wanted to be articulate about my own ailments. I can’t really speak properly with my nose clogged up and phlegm making my throat scratchy. You see, as a writer, I can easily describe things graphically enough so all of you will be disgusted.

Anyways. I just wanted to write out whatever I wanted to say while I was sick. Incidentally, my time has multiplied by three since I’ve gotten sick. I think it was the Theory of Relativity that said that when you’re hunky dory, time passes quickly. But, when you’re sick, physics points and laughs at you. Now, if I’m not using the Theory of Relativity as a proper example… That’s because I am sick, and don’t really care if I’m correct. So, in the free time that opened up for me, I made an apartment building and a bank in Minecraft. And I’ve burned through an entire season of Psych.

Expect a review of Blue Bloods in the following days, and also, as I’ve said, I have a guest post on another blog coming up. Yeah, I feel so cool right now. Physically, I feel like I just had slime poured in my lungs.

Now I’m going to go drink some orange juice, eat something healthy, and sneeze my eyes off. I bid you all adieu.


~J.A. Romano


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