Radio Silence is in the Top 30 of Jukepop Serials!

Posted: June 3, 2013 in Details about my books, Writing Stuff
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The above is a screenshot of my ranking, and it was made by my cool mother. I was studying   and my mom suddenly shouted: “You made the top 30!”

I dropped my pencil and rushed over to see if it was true. And it was! Because of the amazing support of my family, their friends, and the friends of their friends, and the people I’ve gotten acquainted with since I started blogging… I made it. Radio Silence is in the Top 30 with 353 votes. To bring perspective into how momentous this is, I was able to get to the Top 30 in roughly four weeks. And before Radio Silence, the fastest anyone was able to get to the Top 30 had been five weeks.

I was – and still am – amazed when this happened. I started pacing from one side of the room to another. I could not contain my excitement. This marks one of the few times where I cannot find the proper words to adequately describe how I felt when I found out.

Despite this, I still have a ways to go. It would be quite possible for me to be dethroned from the 30th position within a day or a week. So, it would still be a great favor to me if you – the reader – would take the time to vote for Radio Silence. You can also find the links to all the chapters here.

Still, I am just as happy as I can possibly be right now. Thank you to everyone that voted for me, and thank you to everyone that helped Radio Silence be the 30th most voted serial in Jukepop Serials, and the second most voted serial in the entire Horror genre.


Thanks for everything.


  1. tktrian says:

    Congrats! And wow, it’s so awesome that you have such a supportive circle of family and friends!^^

  2. I think the bloom may be off the JukePop rose.

    Last year, I registered and submitted the first scene of the first chapter of my novel. I got an acceptance e-mail dated January 21, 2014 from Jodi Holiday Crozer, Editor/Director of Content, which said, in part, “JukePop Serials will pay you up to 2 cents per word for up to 3,500 words if you choose to publish (payment rate is determined by JukePop in its sole discretion). To find out the amount you will receive, just ask us by replying to this email. Please remember to add your PayPal email address to MY PROFILE and we will process your payment within 60 days after the date of publication.”

    In the interval, I’d had a chance to look over the terms and conditions, so I replied to Jodi, declining the offer on the basis of the length of their required six-month “exclusivity” period before publishing elsewhere (I had declined to publish directly with Kindle because of its 3-month exclusivity demand), and because I had already independently published the completed novel. She replied saying they were revising their terms and conditions, that they were now accepting previously published work, I would not be subjected to an exclusivity period, and “Our offer is still available to you.” But when I wrote back to inquire about the amount of proposed payment upon my choosing to publish (as invited in the acceptance message), Jodi’s reply was, “We do not pay for already published work, stated on our website under “terms” and on the FAQ’s. We did pay for first chapters of unpublished work up until 12/29/2013.” However, nowhere in the Terms or the FAQ is previously published work addressed, and in her reply to my initial refusal of the offer she didn’t say anything about not paying for it. Moreover, the only statement about nonpayment for work is at the end of a section about an “Aspiring JukePop Authors Program.” At no time was I informed that I would be participating in this program.

    JukePop seemed to be eager to get me into the stable despite my being previously Indie-published, but now that revision of terms appears to come at the price of payment for the first chapter. The Terms now deny any request for exclusivity, but they also repudiate “all prior or contemporaneous communications and proposals, whether electronic, oral or written, between you and us.” Plenty of other businesses have terms and conditions that they revise with advance notification to their clients, but this kind of peremptory announcement smacks of sharp dealing. Such behavior does not encourage confidence in JukePop’s integrity.

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