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Posted: June 5, 2013 in Details about my books, Uncategorized, Writing Stuff
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I love them. I love seeing people comment, I love discussing things with people that disagree with something I’ve said (granted that s/he approached it in a civil manner). And if possible, I try to reply to comments as fast as possible. The people that voted for Radio Silence, for example, have also taken the time to pass on their compliments in the comment sections. This is something that I really appreciate, and it was a lot of fun to read their praises and compliments.




These are just some of the comments on Radio Silence that I have enjoyed reading, and loved replying to each and every one of them. I can’t begin to appreciate the effort people put in registering, voting, and then commenting for me. It was really inspiring. If you want to read all the comments, you can go to Radio Silence, scroll down, and read them. (Not sure about this, but I think you need to register an account to read them. Not sure.)

I was originally going to talk about comments in general, i.e. on places like Youtube, Rotten Tomatoes. All the usual suspects. I was planning on talking about those people that comment derogatory statements that (normally) make no sense at all, and generally ruin the pleasure of reading the comments for everyone.

But, considering I don’t really have a lot of experience with that kind of thing (fortunately), I’m just going to talk about what I do know. Which is the satisfaction of reading other people’s opinions. Earlier, I wrote a post about drafts that a few people disagreed with, but I honestly didn’t mind them disagreeing with my views on them. I was pleasantly surprised by it, and I had fun replying to their comments.

I mean. I can’t say I would’ve enjoyed it if they’d gone: “YOU’RE WRONG. I HATE YOU LIKE A DOG HATES A CAT.”

But fortunately, my readers are cool. 8)

I’ve also written posts where people agreed with me, and I of course enjoyed reading about those. But, a buddy of mine has told me that the reason why most of his readers don’t comment when they disagree is because they’re afraid the blogger and her/his followers will just rip them apart. Now, I find this very interesting.

See, to an extent, it is actually a reasonable fear. If we’re talking about Youtube (for example), and the subscribers of this person are very… loyal. It’s a normal occurrence. But, it was interesting to hear that people even fear this on intelligent blogs. I think that it’s sad that this happens, so I decided to write an entire post about it. If you disagree with me, please comment about it. As long as you say it in a relatively civil and intelligent manner, I am completely okay with it. I’d be happy to find out why you think I am incorrect, and if your reasons are all right, you may even sway me.

So, just thought I had to get that out there. I don’t think I have to say that it’s cool to comment that you liked what I’ve written, since I think everybody likes to hear that.

I hope that people will continue to comment in my future posts whether or not they agreed/disagreed with the point I made in a post, because I honestly find the opinions of others very enlightening.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Erica Dakin says:

    I suppose this is the time to tell you that I’m not actually reading Radio Silence anymore? Not because it’s badly written or anything, I just don’t like horror, sorry. I’m a wuss, and gore gives me the creeps and bad sleep. =/ Looking forward to your non-horror book though!
    Anyway, yes, yay for intelligent comments, even if they disagree. It’s a bit like reviews – I like em either way as long as they’re reasoned out and not just ‘I hated this book and I hate you!’
    So, couldn’t disagree with you this time. 😉

    • J.A. Romano says:

      Completely understandable. I personally don’t watch horror movies since I get scared by the smallest thing. I’m glad you’re looking forward to my my non-horror book, though. While it’s not exactly ‘clean’, I have a bit more experience with epic fantasy than horror. It’s a shame; was hoping for a disagreement in the comments. 😛

  2. C.Hill says:


  3. tktrian says:

    “But, a buddy of mine has told me that the reason why most of his readers don’t comment when they disagree is because they’re afraid the blogger and her/his followers will just rip them apart.”
    It’s pretty pointless to get rude with a blogger cos they decide what’s on their blog and won’t approve unpleasant or stupid comments. The blog is supposed to be your safe nook in the vast universe of the interwebz, so getting flam-y and troll-y gets the commenter nowhere if they want their opinion heard.

    • J.A. Romano says:

      Yeah. I think it’s just that some trolls have gotten used to places like Youtube where your comment is automatically published. 😛 I’ve finished reading Försiktighetsåtgärd, by the way. Had to copy and paste that name. xD But now I’m unto Part V. Sorry for the wait.

      • tktrian says:

        Oh no problem, no hurry, at all =) Can’t wait for your comments, especially because for once you’re reading something from us that hasn’t been scrubbed and pruned to the bone (sorry about that, hopefully it hasn’t been too full of errors). Heh, we can’t spell or pronounce Försikthfdfgvtrggg very well either. Only Lise can 😛

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