My sister’s photography page

Posted: June 12, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Well, my sister is a great photographer. She took the photo for the cover of Radio Silence. And I never forget to tell her that she did a great job making the cover for Radio Silence. It’s my belief that half of my votes stemmed from the fact that she did a really good job with the cover, and one of the first comments on Radio Silence was by another writer on Jukepop about how she liked the cover.



However, she also takes some pretty cool photographs. I made a Facebook page for her to post her photographs, and she’s posted some really good pics that I quite like. (As you can see from all the Likes by Jian Romano.)

It is named after my grandmother who is sadly no longer with us, and in order to honor her, my sister decided to change the name of the page. I quite admire it. Most of the profile pictures I’ve had have been taken by my sister, and the background photo I use for my Twitter account is actually one of her many photos. 

I’m a bit biased, but I just really believe in her pictures. There’s a saying about how a picture can say  a thousand words. Well, I just hope that she doesn’t put me – a writer – out of business. Her photos certainly contain a lot of great words, if you ask me. 



So, if I’ve sold you on her page, you should go to the actual page, Emelinda Acuna Hilay. If you like it, it’d be a great favor to me if you Liked it. I know I always ask my cool followers to vote for Radio Silence, but I think this one will be a lot easier than that. And you don’t have to read, which is my sister’s excuse for not reading my blog.

Hopefully, after this, she’ll remember to take a gander at my blog from time to time. Hah, we can only hope.



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