Author Interview: J.A. Romano

Posted: June 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

I finally succeeded in brainwashing my good friend Caleb into interviewing me, and now you can read about my weird thought process. Remember to give Caleb a Follow if you do like the interview. I think the questions he asked were quite cool, and it was incredibly fun to answer these questions. Enjoy!

Acerbic Writing

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing one of my writing buds and all around amazing crazy friend, the newly published J.A. Romano. The cool thing? He’s younger than I am. And published by JukePop Serials, an online website that has some great serialized pieces of prose floating around for all you speculative fiction readers and writers.

1. Let’s begin. For all the unassuming people out there, I have to ask; who is J.A. Romano?

I’m 14, still in school, and other than becoming a writer, I plan on pursuing dual degrees in Psychology and Film Studies. I’ve been home schooled for around six years now because I lived in Bosnia, and my parents found the international home schooling program more academically challenging than the ones offered there. My hobbies vary from changing the subtitles of foreign movies to just hanging out with family and friends and of course, reading.

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