I wrote a post earlier on how I was working a bit more on the sequel LoC, and it got me thinking on my current responsibilities as a writer. Jukepop Serials has given me the great opportunity of uploading three chapters a month, making it immediately available for everyone to read. And they have some wonderful incentives, too! Like I said before, I’ve reached a new point in my career as a writer because I’m also concentrating on the sequel to my first book.

So, it’s time to put behind my past as a Panster (look it up!), and adhere to a daily writing routine. Here’s how my current schedule looks like.

5 PM: Write in Radio Silence for forty minutes. Reread, edit, and if necessary, rewrite.

6 PM: Write in LoC sequel for forty minutes. Reread, edit, and if necessary, rewrite.

7 PM: Alternate between other projects, and write in whichever one I choose for forty minutes. Reread, edit, rinse and repeat.

So, that’s my writing schedule. Not as hardcore as some other writers, perhaps, but I’m beginning a slow crawl to, dare I say it, becoming a professional writer? Now, I don’t mean professional as in a bestseller. But I do want to have the habits of a real author.

I’ll be posting weekly updates on how this is going, but I want to talk a little bit on my first few days of following this routine.

Day 1

5 PM: I literally realized I had to follow my schedule when I was three minutes away from 5 PM. So, I stopped watching shows on my computer, and began writing Chapter 7 of Radio Silence. I managed to finish most of the chapter before I got burnt out, and reached the 40 minute time limit. I reread it, edited it, and considered it a job well done.

6 PM: I went through all of the existing chapters, and added a few things to tie up a few inconsistencies. Also wrote half a chapter in the perspective of both Maheus and Ambrose. Deleted a scene or two from the perspective of a new character I introduced, and planned the next few chapters. I reread what I wrote, edited the entire document, and considered it a job well done.

7 PM: I reopened an old project I started with my sister, and I started deleting and writing a few new scenes. I can’t really divulge much information about it, but let’s just say it’s very different from Radio Silence and the Line of Corruption sequel. It was a breath of fresh air, and I considered it less a ‘chore’, and more a break from the two earlier projects.

In summation… It was a good day.

Day 2

11 AM: Started a little early because the next chapter of Radio Silence had to be done. Completed chapter 7. Reread it. And… rewrote it. The ending was just terrible. I don’t know what I was thinking. Reread what I wrote, and I made a massive factual error. I’m glad my mother managed to spot it, and so I rewrote it again. When I finally finished, I was really proud of what I managed to accomplish. Had my family review it, and after some changes, I uploaded it on Jukepop Serials.

I’ll stop right here. I suddenly realized that such a strict schedule was not for me. I couldn’t really stick to times like these, because my mood varies a lot. But, I did realize that I had to have some order in my writing. So, I’ll continue to set apart some time every day to write for Radio Silence, for the LoC sequel, and for one of my numerous other projects.

It’s very refreshing to go back to a daily writing routine, and I honestly feel a lot more productive about everything. It’s difficult. I mean, I’m two days into it, and I’ve already abandoned one part of the schedule.

I can’t imagine what it’s like for my idols. So. Right now, I’m just wondering how I’ll get through Day 3. And Day 4. And Day 5…

If you don’t hear from me for over a week, at least you’ll know why.

Oh, I’d love it if you took the time to comment, and tell me what you think. Do you follow a schedule? I know I wrote a post about schedules earlier, but I’m curious to know if you tried a similar template/schedule to mine, and how you coped with it. I wanna hear all about it. Thanks.


  1. C.Hill says:

    Schedule? You kid, right?

    I tried such a thing when I first started NaNo of last year. I knew I couldn’t do 1600 words a day, so I set the goal of 1K. Managed a week before dropping down to 500. That was easy; I had held that pace the previous two months before. But then it all slipped away. My writing felt wrong. It took me about three months before I actually came to enjoy writing again.

    So no, I do not stick with a schedule. I think, Hmm, maybe I can finish this chapter this week. Point being that I said that this week and have yet to do so. Might, but two days isn’t a lot of wiggle room, plus plenty of more work.

  2. Heh, I can never manage to do NaNoWriMo. I always set up with the best intentions, but then it slips away from me. I want to say it’s because I’d rather be working on my series, but the external pressure…I hate it. I think I might stay indie just to never deal with that again.

    As for a schedule, I try to do story-related things every day except the weekend, because the weekend is when I go to work earlier at my day job. Fun, right? For the rest of the days, I do wake-up/blog-check/news things until about 11 AM or noon, then do directly writing-related things until it’s time for work (2-4 hours) or I can’t see straight anymore. I write my blog posts usually between 9 and 11 PM, so sometimes they’re less than coherent if I’ve had a long day.

    By writing-related things, I mean direct manipulation of the text, whether by editing or writing more. At various other times of the day, I will work on story-related things like maps and language and such, just because I like to do them.

    I don’t keep a really rigorous schedule, and some days I just flop on the bed and say ‘pike it’, but I’ve managed to knock out two-and-a-third books so far, so I guess it works.

  3. tktrian says:

    Nope, no schedule. That’d be impossible to maintain. We write when we have time and usually we have at least a couple of hours everyday, but sometimes things get hectic. Right now we aren’t writing that much new stuff, just revising, but we do it when we feel like it. The “problem” is that we also have other ambitions, thing we want to develop our skills at, so time management is challenging in that sense xP

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