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The deaths of over a hundred and fifty prisoners in the Northson County Jail due to a fire of unknown causes is not very worrisome for most of the townspeople of Northson, but for Sheriff Gordon Matthews, it was tragic. His younger brother was in that blaze. Drowning his sorrows with alcohol, he is on the verge of committing suicide when his Deputy went on an inexplicable rampage and tried to kill him.

The Sheriff who, just moments before had a death wish, found himself fighting fiercely for his life. Now he also has to figure out what caused his Deputy to suddenly attack him, and what else was out there. He could feel the choking presence of evil and its impending horrors. No clue other than the eerie sounds of music playing on radios that have gone dead.


So, I’ve been talking about my story, Radio Silence, for months now. And all this time, I’ve yet to even post the summary. The reason for that being is because I submitted it to Jukepop Serials. It’s a wonderful website that serializes the stories of writers with a good story. So, after months of waiting, it has paid off.


I don’t know if you can tell, but I am shaking with excitement. I woke up this morning to find that my dream had come true – becoming a published writer – and that I’m going to get paid for it. Now I’m jumping with excitement.

Now, one of the other reasons why I posted about this is because I need all of your votes to keep me in serialization. You can read Radio Silence over here. And if you liked it, I would really appreciate it if you took the time to register an account and vote for my story. That would be amazing.

The benefit of this, however, is that you can read Radio Silence entirely for free. So, if you end up liking the first chapter, you won’t be forced to buy it or anything. You just need to wait for the next chapter to come out.

Finally, I just want to thank my family. Because it literally would not be possible. My family supported me during the time that I was waiting to hear from Jukepop, and I thank them a lot for that.

Next, I want to thank my beta readers. (Yeah, am I reminding you of someone’s Oscar speech? One difference is I don’t have a time limit on my speech. Haha!) The amount of inconsistencies, realistic fighting errors, and terminology that they’ve pointed out in Radio Silence is astounding. It would most likely be unreadable for people that – unlike me – know a thing or two about cars, guns, fighting, etc. So, I owe them a lot of thanks for helping me with Radio Silence and for helping me with my book, the Line of Corruption.

Finally, I want to thank my Followers here on WordPress. Blogging’s been an outlet of mine for awhile now, and it gives me great joy to see that some other writers Like my post. It gives me even greater joy when they deem the stuff I write cool enough that they Follow me.

I definitely enjoy it when they Comment their thoughts on something I wrote about. It’s a lot of fun to discuss things in the comments section, even if our opinions do differ. So, yes. Thank you. I really mean it.