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As some of you may know, Radio Silence was serialized a week ago. Chapter One received a 142 votes, a near unprecedented amount of votes for a serial with only one chapter. It’s all thanks to my family taking the time to ask their friends to vote for me, and thanks to all of you that chose to vote for me. When I saw I’d gotten so votes, I almost fell off my chair. It’s amazing, really. Cannot thank them enough. However, I still need votes. So, it would be awesome if you guys and gals would take the time to vote for Chapter 2 of Radio Silence. Maybe by next week – with all of your help – I’ll be in the top 30!

Chapter 2 of Radio Silence.

Above is the link to Chapter 2. If you have yet to read Chapter 1, here’s the link: Chapter One.

If you like both, please take the time to register an account and vote for both chapters. I would really appreciate it. Thanks for everything!