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Yes. That is actually the title. 


Yes, judgement is coming, as well. First of all, a little synopsis is due.

Dredd and the rookie are the main characters. The rookie is named Anderson, but is referred simply as the Rookie throughout most of the movie. She is a mutant psychic. She can read minds, and is the strongest telepath they ever encountered. However, she failed the qualification test by three points, and Dredd is forced by his commanding officer to throw her in the deep end and to see if she’s got what it takes.

In Dredd’s words: “Every place is a deep end.”

He says it in true brooding hero/killer fashion. This is a dystopian future. America is very different, and Judges are literally the LAW. 

They have no need of jumping through legal hoops if they think they’ve got the right perp, technically. The concept is quite awesome. 

What? You want more? Fine. I’m going to tell you a little bit about the current state of this movie. As you can see, the movie is #11 on IMDB. That is, if you are reading this around the same time I am writing it. That’s a great feat. And for awhile, Karl Urban (who plays Dredd) was #6 on IMDB. That’s really something. However, because it was showed exclusively in 3D and is +18, the sales are a real downer. Opening weekend and worldwide tally amounts to 36.6 million. That’s kind of a lot, isn’t it?

Not when the amount of money you spent was 45 million dollars. They didn’t manage to recoup their budget. Yeah. Sad. Unto my thoughts about the movie.

Let’s start with the good. The action is as advertised (if you have seen the trailer or the poster or the summary). It’s riveting, and the pacing of the movie is quite good. The slow motion effect was quite beautiful, and it was handled perfectly by the director. Also, props to the writers for sticking to the comic mythos by making sure Dredd does not remove his helmet. No! Do not do it, man. DON’T. 

The effects are quite astounding. The story is okay. I mean, the concept of the drug is certainly cool, and the idea of keeping the protagonists trapped in a building full of gun toting criminals is rather cool. But, the main villain is… Slightly lacking. The main villain is Momma (played by the talented Lena Headey), and she’s the leader of the Momma Gang. She finds out that Judge Dredd and a rookie went into her building and arrested one of her main men. A guy that could testify against her. So, she puts the building under lockdown, and tells everyone (all 8 million of them. You see, there are Megabuildings that can hold over 8 million people. Yeah. That many.) that they cannot get out ’till the Judges are dead.

Cue action music. What’s lacking about her character, you ask? A cooler backstory. They give you a little backstory on how she’s a real killer and how she’s ruthless, but the thing with backstories given by a criminal informant… They are literally meant to be broken. You see, it’s an old tradition for movie villains to be this feared monster. And the entire time, the hero or heroes keep hearing about their past. But, when the final battle comes around, they find out a lot more that just BLOWS the rumors out of the water and makes it all the more epic. 

It can be construed that the writers meant to stay away from that tradition, but it’s made her rather lackluster. Most of all, it’s mysterious why anyone would follow her. You see. In the olden days, there were female pirates leading entire crews. Yes. Leading vile rapists. 

But, the thing is, the female pirate commands respect, but also gives them leeway to do what they want. Even a strong, burly MALE captain would no doubt be betrayed by his crew if he told them to NEVER EVER loot and to KEEP EVERYONE ALIVE. And this woman does just that. She tells them (when they capture a hostage) not to rape her. Why? Because.. she.. OH! When the other judges find their bodies, they need to be in tact. And this was after she massacred hundreds of the building’s citizens with two freaking machine guns.

When the judges came calling (from outside) they were told it’s a fire. Well. What kind of fire would have bullet ridden citizens and lots of spent shell casings lying all over the place? It’s rather iffy, like I said. Most of all, Momma just does not command respect. It’s bull, you know, that you need to be feared. Being feared is the fastest way you get lynched. 

She treats her soldiers with such disrespect and has no regard for their safety that it’s really unlikely that she’d survived so long. Oh, it can be said that they know they wouldn’t be able to live comfortably had it not been for her. Well, I don’t think they were thinking about that. These guys are drug dealers, and not the smartest folks. Why would they even think about that? No. It’s just wrong. 

This is a slight spoiler, I know, but this was already hinted by many reviewers. So, anyways, when Dredd and the rookie take out a lot of her men and she still can’t capture them, she calls in “911”. Four corrupt judges come in, and in the words of another reviewer,” you get to see why Dredd is so feared.”

And I really don’t get why he was so feared, honestly. The Rookie was much more help. Smarter, too. Okay. Here, get this. Dredd meets one of the other judges. They walk up to each other and start talking. The other Judge says something wrong. I don’t recall what, but Dredd goes:

“But that isn’t right.. WAIT. HOLD ON. Are you perhaps corrupt? It’s cool if you are. Totally. I’m not one of those squares. Yeah, wanna share a bong? No, I don’t HAVE a wire… Per se…”

The conversation didn’t go exactly like that, but he gets his ass thrown around because he was stupid enough to actually go, “You’re a bad guy,” in close quarters. And I just don’t see his supposed “reputation”. He’s a quiet guy, and he treats everyone with a bad attitude… Some reputation, huh? 

I’ll let you watch the other scenes for yourself.

The ending did not make sense, for me. Dredd does something so irresponsible and something that would have literally destroyed everything without a second thought. That did not make sense for me. If you get a “fearsome” reputation for pulling stunts like that, then… I don’t know. I just know that it’s not sensible. At all.

Mistakes aside, the action was truly riveting, and it saddens me that this isn’t doing so well at the Box Office. Flaws aside, I think it should earn slightly more than its budget for all its trouble. This took a lot of work, and it’s not total garbage. If it was, I’d be happy if everyone in the production crew got canned. But no, it was an average movie, yet everyone in the production crew still might get canned.

I give this movie a 5.5/10. It is an average movie. If you’re in the mood for something with killer action, watch it. Just don’t go in expecting it to be the greatest action flick ever. I was told something along those lines, and the 5.5 out of 10 may be because my expectations were rather high. We’ll see.

I hope you give this movie a try. You may end up loving it. I didn’t love it, but hate it? No way. I may still watch it again if I ever want some cool gunfights. Or I may watch Die Hard… Die Hard it is…