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Weeeell. Yours Truly was rejected by the agency he applied to. Yes, I know. You’re all extremely sad for me, and I feel sad for all of you.

(Wait, that doesn’t make sense…)

But let’s move on. Yeah. I mean. Rejection, we all know the story. (See what I did there?) It’s really tiresome to think about it, and let’s face it, the excerpt I sent to the literary agency wasn’t perfect. It was great ( in my eyes ) but to each his own. There were loads of reasons why the agent didn’t take it. Probably… Hopefully.

But that’s that. I think the most annoying thing about this is I have to find another literary agency that’s just as good to apply to.

-drops to knees-


Which is why I’ll outsource it to India. Oh, just kidding. I have an Indian friend. That makes it all right. But I really do. So. When horrible things happen in my life, do you want to know what I do? Well, I tell my family about it (if they don’t already know), I thank them for their support, turn on the Beatles, and write a few more chapters in one of my stories.

That’s the thing. Being rejected has given me lots of inspiration. Is it rage-fuelled? Maybe. Is it most likely going to be incoherent, and will basically be me going, “KILL ALL AGENTS.”

I won’t lie. That is a possibility. But, in the wake of such DEVASTATING TRAGEDY THE LIKES OF WHICH THE WORLD HAS NEVER SEEN, I think it’s good that I can at least be able to write a few more chapters after this horrible writer’s block I’ve been experiencing.

And if you don’t know the story of Rejection… I mean, seriously. You’re just kicking a man when he’s already down. What’s wrong with you?

Shame on you.


PS: It occurs to me that I’m so much more funnier in a voice conversation. Take my word for it. If I was saying this out loud, you would be laughing. That is to say, if you’re not laughing right now. If you are, good for you. If you aren’t, there’s your reason.

~J.A. Romano