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This is going to be a short review. 1600 Penn is a new comedy about the life of a White House family.

I’m going to start with the bad things first. We don’t know (for sure) whether or not the President in this show is a Democrat or a Republican (not that it matters), or how long he’s been President.

His son, Skip, returns to the White House after seven years of college. This may just be references to the fact that he did visit the White House during his summer breaks, but if he was already living in the White House before he went to college, that would mean the President would be on his last year serving as President.

This may just be nitpicking to you, but I prefer having all of the information laid out. I’m also curious about the wife of the President (who is the stepmother to his four children). On Episode 3, the President reminisces with her about the time when she was campaigning for his governorship, and I wonder how long they’ve been married. A President who is a widower marries another woman at great cost. In the American President, starring Michael Douglas, there was a lot of insight as to how hard it is for a President to be single and ready to mingle.

Like I said, nitpicking, but I prefer to have all the information.

Unto the good stuff, now…

The show is damn good. It’s hilarious, and it features some fine acting. A lot of people don’t really think much of the acting of actors in comedies, but it takes a lot of work and talent to make your character’s witticisms seem natural. Josh Gad as Skip Gilchrist is impeccable. If the show were a car, he would be the engine. He brings life to the show.

That isn’t to say that the other characters are bland or too serious, but… He has a certain “spark”. -wink wink-

You’ll realize what I mean once you watch the first episode. I implore you to give this show a try. Why? The ratings are not good, although there are a lot of viewers online. What matters to the network, however, is television ratings. So, if you can, watch it on your Tv. If not, then just watch it online for the sake of laughing for twenty minutes straight.

See? I told you this would be short. Final verdict – 7/10

~J.A. Romano


P.S.: Just in case you have any ideas about it being bad because it’s in danger of cancellation… The pilot episode of Friends was almost shot down because one of the producers didn’t care for the concept. It’s been years since the finale, and people still watch Friends. I’m not saying they’re equal; just giving an example.

Firefly is the favorite show of almost every SFF fan, yet it was cancelled after thirteen episodes by Fox. The outcry by fans was big enough that a film called Serenity came out to tie up all the loose ends. Those are just a few examples of good and successful shows that were almost cancelled because of a few naysayers. Don’t let the naysayers affect your judgement. Don’t even let the yes-men (like me) affect your judgement. Just watch the show for yourself, and see if you agree with the naysayers or the handsome yes-men.