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Well. If you’re looking here… It means that the nuclear warhead containing ferrets did go off in the Gobi Desert, and that you are in fact a ferret. If you can still understand the following statements, it is because I am speaking in ferret.

I thought of making a Site Links page because a blog I frequented did the same, and I wager a lot of you must be wondering what insane place I must be visiting!

The above is a link to my writing bud’s blog. If you look at his “Links” page, you will see that he calls me very crazy. He is correct. I’m just surprised I can call him a bud when he’s not even NEARLY as crazy as me…

The following links are that of my beta readers. In case you don’t know, I have written a full length book. Your gasps of surprise both insult and humble me. Mostly insult.

As such, I require some experienced critique. I’ve got the copyright for it down to the T, and it’s sealed tight. I can never really have ’nuff beta readers, though, so if you’re volunteering… -hint hint- Nah. Not forcing you. But yeah, if you’re interested, hit me up with an email.

These guys are really helpful beta readers. I gotta say, they’ve helped me out through a lot of writing mishaps. I’m still surprised I’ve yet to be arrested for inflicting the pain of my grammar mistakes upon them, though!

The above is the link to my last beta reader. He’s always open to some more critiques, and he’s a cool dude. He wrote his book in Spanish (and is actually Spanish!) and he just completed the translation. He’s currently writing the second book in both English and Spanish, I believe. I gotta say, it must be pretty darn hard. I’m barely coherent in English, and my Tagalog is quite horrible. Oh, and I’m not a native English speaker. I know. I appear as insane as any Englishman, don’t I?

(Don’t sue.)

But yeah. Cool guys. All of ’em. Cool sites. All of ’em. Visit them if you dare. I’m afraid I’ve no links to share with you folks that have the same brand of insanity as I do, though. I know. Dry your tears. You’ll hear more from me in the coming weeks, and the first excerpt of my book is coming out on December 25!

Christmas Day, folks. Yeah, been saving my Prologue as a Christmas present for you guys.

When I told my family that, they seemed really mad, though. Wonder why…

~J.A. Romano


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